L Matthews medical copy writerLeigh Matthews is an experienced health and wellness writer, an English and Philosophy graduate of York University and a graduate in Nutritional Medicine. Focusing predominantly on nutrition and preventative medicine, Leigh has several years experience writing about spinal health, surgical interventions, infectious disease, skin conditions and a vast number of disparate health topics.

In addition to writing for oncoplasty surgeons, naturopathic clinics, personal trainers and some corporate clients, Leigh also works as content manager for the Healthy Body Network, writes for Naturally Healthy People and maintains her own website on veganism. With well honed skills in research, SEO, copywriting, and the use of social media Leigh breaks down complex medical journal articles into pithy copy that informs and entertains.

Born in the UK, Leigh now lives in Canada and has recently published her first novel, The Old Arbutus Tree. Moving ever closer to the dream of self-sufficiency somewhere in the wilds, chances are she’ll know what to grow to treat an aching back, an itchy skin rash or a stuffy nose.

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